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The AGH Story

Our thoughts of how we will fulfill our purpose are often different from what God has for us. The truth is, I had God in a box…myself included. I placed limits on how God would express His gifts through me and what platform He would use. Back in 2013, a few friends asked me to share some bible study material with them so they could strengthen their relationship with God. I sent out a PDF bible study via email to five of my friends and over the next few months the list grew to several hundred people. Although the list was growing, I was unsure if I was making an impact because I received very little feedback. I bumped into a friend at the little convenience store at my job:

               Me: "What up with you bro?"

               Him: "Man LOOK, I’m trying to Uncage this GIANT!"

               Me: "WHOA! That’s what I’m talking about!"

Just like that, feedback! Uncage the Giant was the title of the bible study that I just sent out. I went back and looked at the bible study and God spoke to me and said, "that would look good on a T-shirt." WOW! While I enjoyed being fashionable, designing fashion was not my passion nor was it on my radar. "God if you want me to do this, you have to give me the name." He shared many words (revelations) with me but not the name. My life moved on but the seed He sowed stayed with me.

Six years later, on one of my darkest days, came one of my brightest moments. I hear God’s voice so vivid and clear. He says, "After God’s Heart." In Acts 13:22, God testifies about David, "I have found a man after my own heart. He will fulfill all my purpose and plan." David made many mistakes and yet this is how God brags on him! We are not defined by our mistakes nor our history. We are defined by our pursuit of God’s heart. I had a choice, I would allow fear to paralyze me with thoughts of my lack of experience or I could go after Him, realizing that He would equip me each step along the way. I chose the latter! In my pursuit of God, I discovered purpose on the path to destiny. The creation of this brand is an expression of me being AGH. This is a way of life!

After God’s Heart Apparel is a Christian lifestyle apparel brand. Our mission is to design creative, high-quality apparel that will spark conversation and allow you to share the gospel with others. We seek to inspire, motivate, and encourage those who desire to connect with God - Others - Dope fashion. AGH is more than apparel, it’s a movement! 

Now it’s your turn. Write your story. Wear your passion. Welcome to the Movement.

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